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About Us

Raising Cattle & Farming Crops since 1978

Welcome to Van Osch Farms

The Van Osch family farm started with Harry and Paula Van Osch immigrating to Canada from Holland on their honeymoon in 1954 and settling in the fertile Crediton, ON area of Middlesex County. 

They had five children, three daughters and two sons, with both boys growing up to carry on farming. Van Osch Farms was incorporated with Gerald and Fred in 1978. 

The farm evolved from a dairy cow and cash crop operation to the current beef cattle and cash crop operation in 1971. In 1985 Harry and Paula retired with the second generation brothers, Gerald and Fred, now at the helm eager to grow and feed their passion for the beef business.  

Along with expanding their beef business, their families grew as well over the years with both brothers having a daughter and two sons. The third generation is now also taking up the family tradition. Gerald’s two sons, Kurtis and Jaron, and Fred’s son, Brendon, are actively involved in the current farming operation and they continue to pass on their passion for the land and animals to the fourth generation of Van Osch farmers.


Our Story

Certified Sustainable

"Our family farm is founded on the core principle that the land is our most precious resource."

The viability of our farm is dependent on the productivity of our land. We take the sustainability of our farm very seriously and utilize farming practices that ensure the soil and the natural environment are protected for our future generations, as our past generations did for us. 

The Van Osch Farms team includes 12 full-time employees who work hard to help us maintain these high standards.

We are very proud that our farm has been certified as a Certified Sustainable beef cattle farm, as defined by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Our Story
We share and respect the land.

Our farmland is also the home for many species of wildlife. We share our land with deer, coyotes, rabbits, fish, all different species of birds, and many other wildlife who all contribute to a balanced and efficient ecosystem.


The highest quality beef is produced by carefully specifying feed ingredients and monitoring animal health, as well as maintaining low-stress handling practices.

Our farm is certified under national and provincial industry programs which provide third-party audit services to ensure we are meeting our ongoing commitment to excellence in environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and high-quality beef production.


Van Osch Farms also has an approved Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) which are assessments prepared by responsible and progressive farmers to increase their environmental awareness in up to 23 different areas on their farm. 

Environmental Farm Plan
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