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Feedlot Management Systems
Feedlot Health Management Services

We work closely with Feedlot Health Management Services to optimize our production efficiency and overall animal health. In conjunction with our local veterinarian, Dr. Mackenzie Littlejohn from Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, Feedlot Health provides consulting services spanning all aspects of feedlot production. The Feedlot Health approach involves “doing better things” as well as “doing things better”, which incorporates the use of commercial field trial data and operation-specific economic modeling. This approach has allowed us to easily use the results of these models to make timely, cost-effective decisions for our operation. In addition, the use of the proprietary iFHMS© software system allows the Feedlot Health team to monitor our operation daily to identify opportunities for improvement and provide comprehensive oversight. 

What this partnership means for our customers is high-quality, safe, and sustainable beef that is raised under the highest standards of animal welfare. By working with Feedlot Health to identify opportunities to optimize animal health and welfare ensures that all our beef comes from healthy and humanely raised cattle. Furthermore, the optimization of our production practices using high-quality data to determine cost-effective strategies means that the beef we raise is done so in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

To find out more about Feedlot Health you can visit their website here.

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Parkhill Meats


Parkhill Meats is a highly recognized local abattoir that is also halal certified. We both share the same focus to support our local community and by supplying consumers with the highest, consistent and sustainable quality beef. We have partnered with them so we can bring our BEEF to your TABLE.


To learn more about Parkhill Meats you can visit their website here.

Parkhill Meats Canada
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